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Frequently Asked Questions – Sydney & Surrounding Equine Photoshoot.

Frequently Asked Questions – Sydney & Surrounding Equine Photoshoot.

What happens if the weather is bad on the day of my photoshoot?

The weather is one of those unpredictable things.
I will keep a close eye on the weather forecast in the days leading up to your photoshoot. If it is raining I will contact you in the morning and confirm whether you want to go ahead. In light rain, I normally would go ahead as those rainy photos have something magical and different.
If the weather is bad I will recommend rescheduling your photos session.

How long will my photoshoot last?

Normally somewhere between 1-2 hours (maximum 2 hours) depending on what type of photos you’d like to get. This time frame allows enough time to move around a couple of nearby locations, and for clothing and tack changes.
I want to keep things as fun and relaxed as possible for you and your horse, so we don’t rush!

Can I have a photoshoot with more than one animal?

Yes, it is no problem at all. You can split up your two – hour session as you wish. You are welcome to include your family, dogs and as many horses in the shoot as you’d like.
(In case you wouldn’t fit in to two hours, we can extend the time for extra charges.)

What should I wear? What clothing do you recommend for me?

This is up to you! Think of the type of photos you’d like to take and dress up according to that. Within the two-hour shoot, you can change your outfit. You may want to wear casual outfits, dresses, occasion dresses or you may want to borrow a dress from my client gallery.
I also wrote a blog about the outfits, you can check it here.

How should I prepare my horse for our session?

I suggest that you bath your horse the morning of your session giving him enough time to dry before we start. Basically they should be prepared as if they are going to a show. They don’t have to be plaited up unless that’s what you want in the photos. If you’d like to use a halter, bridle, saddle make sure you clean that before.
I also wrote a blog about how to prepare your horse for your photoshoot, you can check it here.

What if my horse doesn’t want to stand still or misbehaves?

This is something you don’t need to worry about. Things don’t always go to plan, I’m patient and I work with what each model is willing to do.

Can I have photos without tack if my horse wouldn’t stand still?

Yes, no problem at all. I have a so-called photo halter that is suitable for all sizes. It is safe to use and really easy to photoshop out. We can use this on lounge or posed photos too.

Before Image After Image
Can I have a black background image as well?

Yes, these images need to be taken in the entrance of a stable or a barn area.
We will set up your horse at the end of an aisle or indoor arena and close all doors and turn off all lights inside the barn behind your horse. The settings in my camera will darken the background behind your horse. The rest of it is editing.
Sweeping the barn floor and raking the arena dirt drastically cuts down on editing time and creates a beautiful clean look.

When and where can I view my photos?

Depending on workload, the preview of the photos will be available within 3 days. You can view your images in your own private online viewing gallery and you can also select the ones you like in the very same gallery.
After you select your favourites it could take up to 3 weeks to edit the final photos, however this also depends on the workload. Sometimes you get your final photos in the very same week you’ve selected them.

How many photos will I get to choose from?

I create a preselection of your best photographs and you get to see and choose from around 100 photos.

Do you travel anywhere?

I’m very happy to travel for photoshoots and include up to 70 km (from North Sydney) in our session fees; beyond this distance I’m charging $1/1 km. If several of you would like a session, you can split travel costs.
I travel with my family around Australia for holiday (if there is no lockdown). I announce in advance on my social media where I am going to be and if you are around I am happy to take your photos with no extra travel cost.

Can I bring a friend to the photoshoot?

Absolutely! I highly recommend bringing any one who can during our photoshoot. It is very helpful to have another set of hands during an outfit change and also with your horse. Choose a friend or family member you are comfortable with.

Can I print my photos?

Yes you can, however, every photo lab uses different printers and from experience, the colours will come out differently and it might not be a great quality (some may also differ with colour) depending on which lab you use.
I print your photographs at a professional lab that does not service the public. My editing software is calibrated with their printers which means that the colours are perfect. The paper and printing quality is designed to last more than a lifetime without fading.

Can I order prints, wall arts or other products from you?

There is no obligation to buy any artwork. However, if you do decide to purchase a forever memory from me you will have a lifetime long quality product and an endless selection.

Can I post on social media such as Instagram or Facebook?

Yes! I highly encourage posting your photos on social media. Photo credit would be most appreciated. If you would like, please tag @hergott_photography on Instagram or Hergott Photography on Facebook.

How do I pay for my photo session?

I accept transfer, cheque, cash or PayPal payment for your photo session.