Session Information, what to expect from our photoshoot?
Session Information, what to expect from our photoshoot?

Session Information, what to expect from our photoshoot?

Every photographer has a process of their photoshoot. I dislike surprises myself so I would like to let you know in advance what to expect if you decide to have a photoshoot with me. I tried to collect everything in points. 

Contacting Hergott photography

You found me on the web, flyer or heard from someone I take photos of horses, dogs, cats so you contact me to get more information, to see if we are a good match to work together.
There are several ways how to do that:

First call with Eva

After contacting me we discuss a suitable time for a phone call. In this call I’d like to get to know you and your pet a little bit more. I will be asking questions like:

  • your connection and the personality of your pet;
  • the idea you have and want to capture (or I can help you figure it out if you don’t know yet);
  • if you want to be captured together with your beloved pet or you’d like to have photos only about them;
  • the location you’d like to take photos, (or what locations I recommend if you don’t know yet);
  • and the date when would you like to have the session. 

There is also an in person consultation option so we can meet beforehand. 

Scheduling your Photo session

During our call or personal consultation we schedule the date of your photo session. Most of the times I prefer early morning or late afternoon as that’s the time of the day when the light is the best and we can achieve beautiful dreamy looks. 
After discussing when, I will send a confirmation email with an agreement and a session fee will be required to hold your date and time. 

That’s your day!!!

Preparation for your day

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Your photoshoot 

And the day has come … hurray, are you as excited as me? 

I always try to arrive a bit earlier to have a little chit-chat with you, to make sure you are not nervous as it should be a fun time for all of us and we should create some beautiful photos of your pets and you with them – if you like to be in the photos. 

Looking forward to be with you on this session

After your photoshoot

  • Within 3 business days I will send you a link for a private online gallery with the untouched, lower quality watermarked images. 
  • You can select your favorites (if you like more than you purchased within your package, there is always the possibility to order extra photos). 
  • After you select all the digital images you would like to receive, I will have 3 weeks to edit them. I am usually too excited about the photos so I mostly deliver earlier than 3 weeks 😉  
  • If you are interested we can discuss what type of wall art would suit you or if you wish to order a photo book or any additional tangible product. 

I am hoping you will have a nice memory and a good experience with my service and there will be another time when you hire me to capture your moment. 🙂

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