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Hi, I am Eva

I am a horse lover and a photography enthusiast. Currently based in Sydney.
I was born into a family with a horse riding background therefore before I could speak or walk I was already sitting in front of my Mom on a horseback.
Equine photography came a little bit later when I was working at a horse ranch with photographers. That was the time when I purchased my first film SLR camera. Since then I wanted to capture the majesty of these animals.
In the meantime my family grown and I realised not only horses have that beauty but human relationships too.
I love the result of my photos and I am trying to keep up with the trends and learn always something new.

My goal is to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Let’s have a chat over a coffee to find out if I am the right person to photograph your horse or dog! Book a FREE meet and greet session with me.
I am looking forward to meeting you, your family, your lovely horse, dog.
Eva 🙂

ABN 71142463354


Pavla & Jerry
Pavla & Jerry

I have known Eva for couple of years. She is a wonderful person and shooting with her was always fun. Thanks to her, me, my horse and dog, have amazing photos. I cant wait till she is back in Prague, so she can take some more nice photos. :))

Monika & Summerstar
Monika & Summerstar

Eva has been with us as a photographer on many occasion. She has taken my pregnancy photos, she took wonderful photos of my children and I have a lot of amazing photos from our sessions with my horse. It was always a fun time and we are looking forward to get her back in Budapest to book our next photoshoot and create some nice memories together.

Mila & Hari & Nandi
Mila & Hari & Nandi

“My partner, I and our 3 month old puppy came to Eva’s photo shooting.
Eva did a lot of natural, relaxed Family Portraiture.


She is wonderful pet photographer! It was really pleasure to spend time with Eva. I highly recommend her!”